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Tom Bagley

Project: Syndeo
Program: CO.STARTERS for Causes

In the Greek language, Syndeo means “to bind together” and that’s what Syndeo Communities is doing through bi-monthly meetups. Syndeo allows the opportunity for anyone who has found themselves outside of the religious mainstream, to be bound together with others in a life-changing spiritual community. Twice a month, Syndeo Communities meet for food, drink and fellowship for an open and honest conversation about their spiritual journeys. There’s no pressure to do or believe anything - just simply show up and listen to one another without judgement. The underlying tone and message of Syndeo Communities is love and encouragement no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.



CO.STARTERS for Causes is a nine-week program that helps individuals put ideas into action, turning a passion for bettering the community into a sustainable and thriving endeavor.