Aggie Toppins

Project: Restoring Voting Rights
Program: Civic Engagement Challenge — "How can we use creativity to increase civic engagement in Chattanooga?"

Across the nation, people who are convicted of a felony also lose their right to vote. Tennessee ranks 6th in the nation in disenfranchised citizens, in-part because the process to restore voting rights can be complex and intimidating. Inspired by CUP’s Making Policy Public program, this team will use design to demystify the complex process of getting your voting rights restored, with a printed guide that folds out into a poster. They will partner with local leaders and organizations to get this helpful tool into the hands of people who are seeking to rebuild their lives as contributing members of our community.


The Causeway Challenge is an ideas contest centered around a specific question, that empowers individuals to pilot their ideas for community change, with grassroots funding and hands-on coaching.