ChattaNewbies is a monthly meetup for new Chattanoogans looking to get connected, hosted by Causeway, Society of Work, River City Company, and The Tomorrow Building




New people are moving to Chattanooga at record rates. Causeway and all of our neighboring organizations in the Innovation District often get requests from people who are new to town, who just want to get the lay of the land, and make connections. Some of them are looking for work, and some just want to get more involved in the Chattanooga startup community. 

In 2016, Causeway, Society of Work, River City Company, and The Tomorrow Building partnered to create ChattaNewbies — a monthly meetup for people who are new to town. ChattaNewbies is in a new location every month, often in partnership with a local business or organization. It has grown into a welcoming committee of sorts, with lots of new faces, some wise Chatta-veterans who can help connect, and some people who have lived here for a while but are looking to get engaged in a new way.

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We love collaborating with all kinds of people who are tackling bold projects. 

Day in and day out, we are focused on equipping individuals to address community problems. But we know that established nonprofits and for-profit businesses are solving big problems too. We offer consulting services for things like: crowdfunding, community engagement and feedback, reaching new audiences, and building movements around a big idea. Working on something you need a little help with?