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Ann Law, Chris Sands, Olivia Anderson and Judy Anderson

Project: Break the Cycle
Program: Youth Challenge — "How can we empower youth in Chattanooga to create safer communities?"

Barking Legs and Olivet Baptist Church partnered to create a unique and interactive workshop where teens at the church will learn to address date violence and date rape. Teens will discuss and learn responsible decision-making skills and healthy sex knowledge to better equip them to build positive relationships. These workshops will explore appropriate and inappropriate touch, sexual harassment, emotional vulnerability, and consent. They will also discuss and explore safe and fun date ideas for all stages of a relationship. They hope to empower teens to take responsibility for their emotions, safety, and well-being through fun and engaging experiences, so that they can openly communicate in romantic relationships as well as other relationships.


The Causeway Challenge is an ideas contest centered around a specific question, that empowers individuals to pilot their ideas for community change, with grassroots funding and hands-on coaching.