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Jasmine Ware and Logan Taylor

Project: You Matter
Program: Youth Challenge — "How can we empower youth in Chattanooga to create safer communities?"

Since growing up in Chattanooga’s Westside Projects, Jasmine Ware has had a passion for helping youth from similar backgrounds reach their fullest potential. She and her partner Logan Taylor developed You Matter: a 5-week program that helps teens tap into the confidence and perseverance that they need to choose bigger and better opportunities for themselves. The group will meet weekly to tell their personal stories, build relationships, and create a specific vision for each member’s future.

Through the Causeway Challenge, the team piloted the program at Northside Neighborhood House. They have replicated it with several schools and organizations. 


The Causeway Challenge is an ideas contest centered around a specific question, that empowers individuals to pilot their ideas for community change, with grassroots funding and hands-on coaching.