Kaysie Strickland

Homes & Havens


Kaysie Strickland believes that peaceful and healing home environments strengthen women who are overcoming trauma.


Kaysie has always had an eye for interior design. Since she was a young girl, she loved the process of creating cozy spaces and she’s always had a big heart for helping others. In a previous life, she wanted to be a counselor and in a very creative way, she’s fulfilling that dream today. In 2017, Kaysie enrolled in Causeway’s CO.STARTERS for Causes program to strengthen and grow her business, Homes & Havens.


Kaysie’s business was born after she experienced a personal season of pain and trauma. She found herself searching for a place where she could heal and rest. Through that process, she was inspired to help other women in crisis create a haven in their home that inspires them to heal, rebuild, and find joy.

Since inception in 2016, Homes & Havens has grown at a rapid rate. They partner with local organizations that are helping women overcome obstacles like abuse, addiction, homelessness, sex trafficking, and incarceration. When a woman graduates a local program and is referred to Homes & Havens, Kaysie and her team design and furnish her new living spaces. Kaysie uses a unique, ‘trauma-informed’ approach to home decor and design, typically implemented in hospitals or rehab centers. Through this approach, she’s able to connect personally with the women she helps, which allows her to create a refuge that is healing, cozy and unique to each woman. Stories like Ashlee’s are just one example of how Homes & Havens is changing lives and resurrecting beauty.

With every business, there are growing pains. In Kaysie’s case, it’s a good thing. The demand for Homes & Havens has skyrocketed and her community partnerships are growing. Throughout the process, like many business owners, Kaysie is learning valuable lessons like: creating boundaries, the importance of building a team and developing a growth plan. CO.STARTERS for Causes helped Kaysie flesh out her business plan for continued growth. It also allowed her to collaborate and connect with other social entrepreneurs in her CO.STARTERS cohort.


Since graduating CO.STARTERS Kaysie has obtained a storefront and a moving van. Along with her board, Kaysie is laying the foundation to create a strategy for growing Homes & Havens at a sustainable rate. She is working towards a model where the women she works with will be trained to organize and refinish furniture that will be sold in her retail store, providing income for the women and helping sustain the organization’s mission long-term.

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CO.STARTERS for Causes is a nine-week program that helps individuals put ideas into action, turning a passion for bettering the community into a sustainable and thriving endeavor.  

Kaysie enrolled in Causeway’s CO.STARTERS for Causes program to strengthen and grow her business. Homes & Havens celebrates women overcoming a life crisis by creating a haven in her own home that will inspire her to rebuild, heal, and find joy in new beginnings.