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Kaysie and Brian Strickland

Project: Homes and Havens
Program: CO.STARTERS for Causes

Homes and Haven creates healing spaces for women in recovery. After experiencing a personal season of pain and trauma, founder Kaysie Strickland found herself craving a place where she could heal and rest. That process led and inspired her to help other women in crisis create a haven in their home that inspired them to heal, rebuild, and find joy. Homes and Havens partners with local ministries with like-minded goals to help women overcome abuse, addiction, homelessness, etc., by helping them furnish and decorate their new living spaces after graduating from local programs. The spaces are designed to be therapeutic and healing.  




CO.STARTERS for Causes is a nine-week program that helps individuals put ideas into action, turning a passion for bettering the community into a sustainable and thriving endeavor.