Kevin Bate, local artist and founder of the McCallie Murals project, engaged volunteers for the project through Causeway’s crowdsourcing platform. 

When Kevin Bate pitched the McCallie Murals project to MakeWork, he intended to pay only six artists to paint six murals that spanned a few buildings lining McCallie Avenue.  He remembers that those six murals built momentum in the city to create even more murals.  “It just sold itself,” he said.  “Once the stuff went up, people started coming to us and saying, ‘Hey, that’s really cool, we’d like to be a part of that—not just artists but lots of people to fund it.’”  

Keeping the McCallie Murals in the public view wasn’t exactly difficult, but Kevin was able to maintain the excitement around the project through Causeway’s crowdsourcing platform and a Causemob in which local volunteers helped expand the project across McCallie Avenue.  He encourages any of Causeway’s projects to consider implementing a Causemob into their fundraising efforts. “We’d done two things [similar to Causemobs] before.  This one was a little bigger, a little faster.  I think the Causemob added a lot of legitimacy to the Murals.  You had a lot of people coming in to participate who normally don’t drive through there.” 

The Murals benefitted from continued local publicity, including the successful Causemob.  “People got a kick out of being a part of something they didn’t think they’d ever be a part of.”