Kids Aren't Trash

Children are valuable to our community, no matter who they are or where they came from. Unfortunately, some slip through the cracks. When foster children are handed trash bags as storage for their belongings, feelings of isolation are reinforced in those kids. Partnerships for Families, Children, and Adults sees the opportunity to support these children who often go under the radar through providing suitcases filled with stuffed animal, toiletries and essentials for children in the foster care system. This is more than just addressing physical needs; this is giving kids the gift of dignity.

People: Partnerships for Families, Children and Adults

Stuffing Strut

There’s nothing like a little cardio exercise to stir up charitable excitement. The Stuffing Strut is an opportunity to raise funds for schools and a variety of charitable organizations in North Hamilton County through a 5k race. The Stuffing Strut also provides an opportunity to collect non-perishable items for North Hamilton County Food Bank.

People: Stuffing Strut Inc. 

MOMentum Network's Single MOM Scholarship Fund

The MOMentum Network builds relationships with single mothers and empowers them to achieve success through higher education for life. With the Single MOM Scholarship Fund, women are offered a financial incentive that creates accountability and encourages them to invest in their own success. As an investment in the future, each woman is cared for through the Summit Leadership Development Program. This program builds relationships amongst single moms, fostering community with peers and mentors who are willing to help them overcome challenges. When a single mom is empowered to support her family, the whole family is empowered.

People: Momentum Network