Cumberland Biofuels Cooperative

member since November 1st, 2011


Cumberland Biofuels Cooperative was formed for the purpose of producing high-quality biodiesel from Restaurant Waste Vegetable Oil in our bioregion. Currently there is nowhere in Chattanooga to purchase 100% biodiesel for road use. Many individuals are producing biodiesel on a personal use scale, but current regulations for road fuel and the TAXES associated with legal sale of fuel are cost prohibitive.
The Cooperative model in Tennessee can allow distribution of road fuel to members, but not its sale to the general public. An organized effort is needed to liason with Chattanooga City officials (like the Office of Sustainanability headed by Dave Crockett) to allow the production and sale of local biodiesel. Vegetable based biodiesel is no more flammable than cooking oil, is biodegredable, and produces dramatically lower harmful emmissions when burned. Best of all, biodiesel is made from a plentiful and cheap waste product. No WAR REQUIRED! Biodiesel will not by itself provide a complete solution to our fuel/pollution problem, but if every gallon of waste oil produced in Chattanooga was made into fuel, the impact on our air quality and our overall environmental footprint would be dramatically improved.