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2014 Results

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The Causeway staff couldn’t be more ethical, thorough, responsive, passionate, creative, considerate, or supportive. Together, we partnered to host a community block party at the garden to build community and raise awareness. Causeway has also helped pair the community garden with area businesses who have given a percentage of their proceeds to the cause -- which will then be matched by Causeway!

Through Causeway’s platform, numerous people from all over Chattanooga have come to be aware of the Hill City community garden’s sustainability/composting goals and, as a result, exciting connections and interpersonal relationships have been formed. Causeway generates a sense of positive citywide citizenry.

Monika Groppe, Hill City Community Garden advocate

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After coming up with an idea to help women who were going through chemotherapy, I was lost as to how to actually turn that concept into reality.  I was accepted into the inaugural class of Co.Starters For Causes. Over the following seven weeks an amazing transformation happened. I was forced to get out of my comfort zone, to question my original assumptions and to let go of my idea, allowing it to change in many necessary ways. It wasn't just sitting in a room and listening to someone speak, but instead an interactive and motivational team environment. I didn't just receive help for my idea, but was also able to give assistance to others along the way. It was a true representation of the entrepreneurial spirit of Chattanooga. I have made amazing progress in a short amount of time. I am truly grateful for the opportunities that I have been given.  

Aaron MaynardThe Purple Scarf Project


Friends of Stringer's Ridge was thrilled to be the site of the first Cause Mob! It's amazing what the combined man hours of a flash mob of volunteers could accomplish in just one morning. A prominent entrance area to the park was cleared of hundreds of square feet of invasive species and brush overgrowth, revealing a beautiful geological formation that had been hidden, and creating a beautiful space with potential for a variety of uses in the future. (Picnic area? Hammock park? Slack line area? Who knows!) The best part, though, was seeing our community get excited about the Cause Mob concept. All kinds of people showed up - from college students to young professionals to retired couples - who may not have otherwise thought they'd be interested in manual labor at a park! But everyone seemed to have a lot of fun in the process, and we hope they'll come back and use the park that they helped improve.

Natalie CookFriends of Stringers Ridge