Sally Morrow and Elizabeth Wells

Project: Rossville Civic Pipeline
Program: Civic Engagement Challenge — "How can we use creativity to increase civic engagement in Chattanooga?"

Disinvestment in Rossville has been pervasive since the closure of its largest employer in 1961. This team wants to begin building the next generation of civically-minded leaders through the process of creating and implementing Rossville’s first-ever murals. Students from Ridgeland High School will work with local artists on three large outdoor murals to be displayed in Rossville’s downtown area. They will learn about the effects of public art on community engagement through playing an active role in the process of getting the murals planned, designed, and implemented. As a long-term goal, they hope that highlighting buildings in need of improvement with visual art, will begin to spark positive investment by property owners.


The Causeway Challenge is an ideas contest centered around a specific question, that empowers individuals to pilot their ideas for community change, with grassroots funding and hands-on coaching.