Spark is a party celebrating Chattanooga's changemakers. We invited our network of community leaders, and asked them to bring the most inspiring person they know who is making a difference in Chattanooga.


Video by Make Beautiful




We know that good ideas are born when passionate people from different backgrounds and sectors get to know each other. Through our work, we get the chance to meet tons of people who are working hard to make Chattanooga better every day. We wanted to celebrate the changemakers that we know, and meet the ones that we did not know yet. 

In 2016 and 2017, Causeway invited our network of social innovators to Spark with one catch: they had to bring along the most inspiring social innovator that they knew. That premise encouraged party-goers to get out of their circles, and figure out what kind of change each person there was creating. We have heard countless stories of people meeting new partners, collaborators and friends through this event. 

Featured in:
Chatter Magazine, September 2016




We love collaborating with all kinds of people who are tackling bold projects. 

Day in and day out, we are focused on equipping individuals to address community problems. But we know that established nonprofits and for-profit businesses are solving big problems too. We offer consulting services for things like: crowdfunding, community engagement and feedback, reaching new audiences, and building movements around a big idea. Working on something you need a little help with?