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Oct 11 2013
Author: Stephen S

causeway will continue to match contributions up to 10%

we are extending the 10 for 10 causeway challenge! in december 2011 creative action in unlikely places did an amazing job using the 10 for 10 causeway challenge to raise support, and we believe there are more causes that can rise to the challenge.  causeway wants to help as many civic entrepreneurs as possible in the future, and the 10 for 10 causeway challenge is one way to see that happen. the causeway 10 for 10 challenge could end anytime, so carpe diem...

so what is the 10 for 10 challenge?

for every cause that receives 10 monetary contributions of $10 or more, causeway will give a 10 percent match up to an additional $1000 per cause (until we can afford more).  this is a huge opportunity for causes to gain momentum!  remember that it requires 10 different contributors, so start rallying support to your favorite causes.  use your networks of social media, email, and word of mouth so others can be a part of bettering chattanooga and seeing a change. be sure to include the link to the cause you are trying to raise support for so it's easy for your friends.  in order to recieve the 10 for 10 match, cause owners must meet their initial goals (e.g., contributions of money, time, etc, and a complete plan for how they will address their cause) and be willing to share their results with causeway and their supporters.

10 for 10

a couple things to note:

all monetary donations to causeway are tax deductible.  when you contribute to a cause, our goal is to pass 100% of your contributions to the cause (rather than to overhead, slush funds, etc), and let you track results, transparently (more reporting features coming online soon...).  to do this, causeway covers the website costs, credit card transaction fees, etc., which is why we accept separate donations to causeway to help us keep the goals on track.

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