Fall 2014

Nooga Made

Project Leader:
Richie Johnson

Nooga Made is a grassroots organization and trademark that exists to identify, promote, connect, and certify creations that are proudly made right here in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Transit to Transit

Project Leader:
Gabrielle Blades

Transit-to-Transit connects people to places through the use of technology, by creating access to an online multi-modal transit app directly at transit hubs.

Chattanooga Cultural Connection

Project Leader:
Laurie Stevens

Chattanooga Cultural Connection connects children to language by hosting a program that extends the reach of foreign language learning and cultural awareness to children with the goal of building a community of globally-minded, locally-focused leaders as the international influence in the city continues to grow.

Gig Bridge

Project Leaders:
Anjali Chandra and team

Led by a local high schooler, Anjali Chandra, Gig Bridge is a program built to bridge linguistic disparities and improve access to health education by working with Hispanic ESL (English as a second language) students to develop bilingual mobile applications on prevalent community health issues.

Sunday Showcase

Project Leaders:
Linda Thompson and Barbie Standefer, Performing Arts League

Sunday Showcase is a collaborative performance involving ten different performing arts groups and forty schools in the Chattanooga area with the goal of engaging, supporting, and celebrating young performing artists through a collaborative showcase.

Micro Grants Chattanooga

Project Leader:
Tara Poole

Micro Grants Chattanooga connects individuals to resources by giving small grants of up to $1,000 to help low-income individuals on the brink of economic self-sufficiency reach that goal by funding things like internet access or business card printing.

Community Cafe

Project Leaders:
Ella Sanders, Elizabeth Ayers and Shelby Denton

The Community Cafe connects Chattanoogans to nutritious, affordable food, to job skills, and to each other through a pay-what-you-can cafe.

Ferger Place Park

Project Leaders:
Tron Wilder and Ferger Place Neighborhood Association

Tucked away off Main Street sits one of Chattanooga's oldest neighborhoods, Ferger Place. Resident Tron Wilder wanted to transform the rarely used Ferger Place Park to a place of community gathering by installing interactive elements to the park and organizing neighborhood work dates and gatherings.

Scenic Streets

Project Leader:
Christy Smith

Scenic Streets Chattanooga is a public event that allows residents to experience our city's neighborhoods, public spaces, and business corridors in a new way by getting them out of their cars and onto the streets. The event closes off 2 to 4 miles of the downtown area to allow for exploration through walking, biking, or other non-vehicle transportation. Local organizations and businesses are featured through a series of activities, events, and performances.

Here to There

Project Leaders:
Katie Smith and Cat Collier Martinez

Here to There addresses the lack of visible crosswalks at three local public schools: Battle Academy, Orchard Knob Middle, and The Howard School. The crosswalks were painted with custom designs from AIGA members, incorporating specific elements to represent each school, then voted on by students.

Community Match

Project Leader:
Robin Howe

Community Match connects teenagers to community service projects through a website. By matching interests and time schedules, teens have ways to investigate careers, meet people beyond their own neighborhoods and appreciate the joy that accompanies serving.

Tech Rebirth

Project Leader:
Scott Harrison

Tech Rebirth Chattanooga connects low income students with no access to technology to lexia literacy training and global internet resources.  Computers are donated by local businesses, refurbished, and placed in local nonprofit centers for children to use. This allows students to continue learning after school and during summer holidays.

Power Lunch

Project Leader:
Emma Williams

Power Lunch connects middle school girls in Title-1 Schools to successful professional women from a variety of backgrounds in their own community, with the goal of empowering girls to explore a diverse array of career choices and plan for bright futures.

Help 2 Work

Project Leader:
Robert Lawrence

Help 2 Work connects homeless Chattanoogans to job opportunities by providing a means of transportation for their first month of work.

Rails to Trails

Project Leader:
Jim Johnson

Rails to Trails connects Chattanooga's neighborhoods to each other and to the city's expanding parks and greenways by identifying high-potential rail corridors within the city that could be converted to rail-trails or rails-with-trails to build upon the City's Complete Streets planning.

Passport to Latino American Challenge

Project Leader:
Gladys Pineda

During the first Latino-American Festival in the city,  the Passport to Latino-American Challenge was a fun cultural learning experience that challenged the participants to connect with 24 educational booths and activities to get their “passports” stamped.

Block Leaders Connect

Project Leader:
Everlena M. Holmes

Block Leaders Connect creates neighborhood directories and recruits block leaders. By recruiting and equipping new block leaders, people are empowered to speak with a single voice on issues affecting their neighborhoods and the city.


Project Leaders:
Alfonso Gómez-Arzola and Arne Heggestad

CARTA customers with low-cost feature phones have limited access to the internet and are left in the dark when it comes to the resources that CARTA offers for tracking bus schedules. CARTAgraphy aims to minimize the time a person is stuck at a bus stop waiting for their bus without the ability to check when it will arrive.