Fall 2015


Project Leaders:
Ashley Conrad and Rondell Crier

The idea is impact, multiplied: 100 youth, working on projects to impact 100 people each. 100(100s) will pair youth from diverse backgrounds and give them the chance to build leadership skills and bond over a common goal for a project that they will design.

Rivermont Fan Club

Project Leaders:
Catherine Bentley, Jeannine Alday, Rachel Bettis, Dawn Hjelseth

Rivermont Fan Club is a group of parents, community members, church leaders, retirees, and young adults rallying to improve their neighborhood’s public school. The fan club knows that a healthy and high-performing public school would encourage all of the diverse residents in the school district to let their kids learn together, creating unity in the neighborhood as a whole.

800 Collective

Project Leaders:
Josiah Golson

800 is an artist collective that will build personal bonds between diverse artists in Chattanooga and mobilize those artists to create consistent community-based art projects that invite the broader Chattanooga community into a dialogue around important issues. The name, 800, is inspired by the group’s meeting spot at 800 Market Street, and by “The Eight,” an early 20th Century group of artists who pursued “art for life’s sake” instead of “art for art’s sake.”


Project Leaders:
Roe Anderson, Harlan Breaux, Anthony Byrd, Tenesha Irvin, Devon Kronenberg, Marty and Donna Lowe

Five teams each applied for the Causeway Challenge with different ideas, but the same goal: to get Chattanoogans to socialize in a more diverse and inclusive environment. We have tasked this power-house of applicants to collaboratively develop an awesome, diverse, and inviting event, while also working to make events like this more consistent and sustainable in our city.